STUDENT Short Talks
Spinal cord panel - july 20th
Christina Salchow-Hömmen

Charité Berlin

Ashley Dalrymple

University of Pittsburgh

Nicholas Batty

University of Alberta

Elena Massai

Université de Montréal

Bradley A. DeForest

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

Josep-Maria Balaguer

University of Pittsburgh

Radu Darie

Brown University

C Salchow-Hömmen, P Müller, C Wiesener, U Hofstötter, A Kühn, T Schauer, N Wenger, Transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation: Optimization and new rehabilitation approaches
AN Dalrymple, DA Roszko, RS Sutton, VK Mushahwar, Pavlovian control of intraspinal microstimulation to produce over-ground walking
Batty NJ, Torres-Espín A, Vavrek R, Raposo P, Fouad K. Single-session cortical electrical stimulation enhances the efficacy of rehabilitative motor training after spinal cord injury in rats
E Massai, M Bonizzato, M Sawan, M Martinez, Cortical neuroprosthesis for locomotor control after Spinal Cord Injury
J-M Balaguer, M Capogrosso, Neuromodulation: Is it a thing?
BA DeForest, J Bohorquez, MA Perez Vibration Attenuates Spasm-Like Activity in Humans with Spinal Cord Injury
Darie R and Borton D, Spinal cord stimulation modulates the sensory cortex

nerve panel -july 21st
Breanne P. Christie

Johns Hopkins


Natalija Katic

University of Belgrade

Luke E. Osborn

Johns Hopkins


Giacomo Valle

ETH Zurich

Alexane Thibodeau

Université Laval

Vincent W.J. Cheung

Université de Montreal

Arielle H. Gabalski

Hofstra University

Greta Preatoni

ETH Zurich

BP Christie, H Charkhkar, CE Shell, CJ Burant, DJ Tyler, RJ Triolo, Ambulatory searching task reveals importance of somatosensation for lower-limb amputees
N Katic,
R Siqueira Kazu, L Bent, N Strzalkowski, S Raspopovic, H Saal, Modeling Responses from Cutaneous Afferents in Foot Sole
LE Osborn,
K Ding, MA Hays, RBose, MM Iskarous, A Dragomir, Z Tayeb, GM Lèvay, CL Hunt, GCheng, RS Armiger, A Bezerianos, MS Fifer, NV Thakor, Sensory stimulation enhances phantom limb perception and movement decoding
G Valle,
FM Petrini, S Raspopovic, Novel sensorimotor strategies with a leg neuroprosthesis
A Thibodeau,
T Galbraith, C Fauvel, H Khuong, F Berthod, Evaluation of a tissue engineering scaffold-free nerve tube for peripheral nerve regeneration
G Preatoni,
G Valle, S Raspopovic, Virtual Reality and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation to reduce distorted body representations in amputees and neuropathic patients
A H Gabalski,
Y-C Chang, U Ahmed, S Zanos, Fiber Selective cVNS and Implications for Neuromodulation Therapies
VWJ Cheung,
X Ma, JP Clément, M Ma, D Chitsaz, TE Kennedy, JC Lin, Biocompatible Polymer Coatings for Implants in the Peripheral Nervous System

brain panel -july 22nd
Maude Duguay

Université de Montréal

Ricardo Tiosso Panassiol

University of São Paulo

Shahab Bakhtiari

McGill University

Diana Muscalu


Karen Schroeder

Columbia University

Samuel Laferrière

Université de Montréal

Jing Zhang

SickKids Toronto

Camilla Pierella

EPF Lausanne

C Pierella, E Pirondini, N Kinany, M Coscia, C Giang, J Miehlbradt, C Magnin, P Nicolo, S Dalise, Giada Sgherri, C Chisari, D Van De Ville, A Guggisberg, S Micera A multimodal approach to capture post-stroke temporal dynamics of recovery

D Muscalu, E Pirondini, A Brändli, S Sun, F Demon, S Borgognon, Q Barraud, K Galan, J Chassagne, F Hummel, D Van de Ville, E Schmidlin, E Rouiller, E Bezard, M Capogrosso, G Courtine, J Bloch, Evaluation of the mechanisms underlying functional recovery after subcortical stroke in non-human primates
S Bakhtiari 
& B Richards, Learning to predict: A self-supervised learning framework for modeling mouse visual cortex
M Duguay,
M Bonizzato, H Delivet-Mongrain, N Fortier-Lebel and M Martinez, A bi-cortical neuroprosthesis to control locomotion after spinal cord contusion in the cat
R Tiosso Panassiol,
F Javier Ropero Peláez, Using an artificial thalamocortical network as a basis for the development of a neural decoder and sequencer
KS Schroeder,
SP Perkins, Q Wang, MM Churchland, Robust neural control of virtual locomotion based on latent dynamics
S Laferrière,
M Bonizzato, SL Côté, N Dancause, and G Lajoie, Hierarchical Bayesian Optimization of Spatiotemporal Neurostimulations for Targeted Motor Outputs
J Zhang,
Z Emami, K Safar, P McCunn, JD Richardson, S Rhind, L Da Costa, R Jetly,  BT Dunkley, Teasing apart trauma: multiclass machine learning and magnetoencephalography differentiates individual cases of mild traumatic brain injury from post-traumatic stress disorder even when symptoms overlap