Virtual summer school

July 20-23, 2020

Eastern Americas: Morning-Afternoon

Central Europe/Africa: Afternoon-Evening


Neuroprosthetics is a 4-day virtual summer school focused on the intersection of neuroscience, engineering, AI and medicine. The event will include presentations from international researchers, industry professionals and trainees, as well as roundtable discussions and Q&A sessions.

Participants will gain knowledge in:

  • Electronic interfaces with the nervous system,

  • New applications for sensorimotor rehabilitation,

  • Self-optimizing medical technology,

  • Translational neuroengineering,

  • Artificial intelligence applied to cognition,

  • Clinical perspectives.

Neuroprosthetics is open to all, and participation is free.

AGENDA -Neuroprosthetics 2020

july 20th

Spinal cord panel

Monica Perez, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

  • "Altered Motor Control after Spinal Cord Injury: From Neurophysiology to Interventions"

David Okonkwo, University of Pittsburgh

  • "Clinical perspectives on the early stage of spinal cord injury"

David Borton, Brown University

  • "Toward chronic, bidirectional interfaces to the spinal cord"

Marco Bonizzato, Université de Montréal

  • "Learning agents as a structural part of neuroprosthetic design"

Marco Capogrosso, University of Pittsburgh

  • "Design of a Neuroprosthesis to restore reaching after spinal cord injury"

Ecosystem Montréal: Valérie Pisano, CEO MILA

Student talks


july 21st

Nerve panel

Xavier Navarro, Autonomous University of Barcelona

  • "Interfacing the peripheral nerve for neuroprosthetic applications"

Jenny Lin, Université de Montréal

  • "Clinical perspectives in peripheral nerve injury, repair and regeneration"

Sliman Bensmaia, University of Chicago

  • "Biomimetic artificial touch"

Stanisa Raspopovic, ETH Zurich

  • "From ionic to bionic"

Stavros Zanos, Feinstein Institutes

  • "Methods for and translational applications of selective vagus nerve stimulation"

Ecosystem Montréal: Sylvie Lau, MEDTEQ+

Student talks


july 22nd

Brain panel

Eberhard Fetz, University of Washington

  • "Closed-loop Brain-Computer Interfaces"

John Krakauer, Johns Hopkins University

  • "Why is restoration of motor control in the upper limb after stroke so hard?"

Elizabeth Tyler-Kabara, University of Texas Austin

  • "Clinical perspectives on brain interfaces"

Blake Richards, McGill University

  • "Exploring sensory prediction errors in neocortical microcircuits"

Elvira Pirondini, University of Geneva - U. Pittsburgh

  • "Stroke and the brain, a signal hunt for recovery"

Ecosystem Montréal: Nicolas Tremblay, CEO NeuroServo

Student talks


july 23rd

industry panel

Career talks:

Francesco Petrini, SensArs Neuroprosthetics CEO

Anahita Kyani, Abbott Neuromodulation Data Scientist

Philip Sabes, Neuralink Co-founder and Advisor

Technology vision talks:

Jörn Rickert, CorTec CEO 

Jessi Mischel, Ripple Neuro Director of Sales

Victor Rush, Tucker-Davis Technology Director of Sales

Regulatory affairs:

Viky Gilles Daniel Verna - Former FDA Investigator and Reviewer

  • "FDA's Regulatory Oversight on AI and Digital Health"

Martin Witte - Global Director active implantable & cardio TÜV SÜD

  • "EU MDR for active implantables and clinical data"

Andrea Biasiucci - Confinis Cluster Lead & Senior Consultant

  • "High tech innovation in medical devices: from great research to successful products"